HostingRaja WordPress Server Hosting

HostingRaja provides the best quality WordPress hosting solution at an affordable price with the latest technology. HostingRaja has optimized Speed using LiteSpeed Web Server and you can install WordPress hosting in just one click, you can make any changes to the websites while your website is live with help of a staging development server, and protected with a CSF firewall. They also provide more unique features such as

  • Optimized for Speed using LiteSpeed Web Server.
  • 250+ themes for every business type.
  • Automated Backup & Restore Option.
  • Protected with CSF firewall.
  • Comes with a FREE lifetime SSL Certificate.
  • Highly Secure WordPress Platform and much more.

HostingRaja provides the best hosting which is particularly optimized for WordPress-powered websites. The server architecture, databases have been developed to enhance the performance of your website. Any patches or version upgrades released by WordPress are automatically installed for your WP hosting plan, which makes your website future-proof and secure.

WordPress Server Plans

Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan

Boost your website resources with a single click. Upgrade your website resources immediately (i.e.) RAM and CPU to manage any unexpected spike in your website traffic and much more. We also provide the smartest design editor for beginners and pros that simplifies website building. Quick-smart templates, custom CSS, mobile editing, stock image library, and much more to help you create stunning websites.

Hackers apply malware to steal your client’s information, damage your site and destroy your reputation. Our Website Security detects and eliminates malware before it causes any damage. Our hosting stages are optimized for WordPress and our team of experts actively contributes to the WordPress community. Grow with confidence by utilizing a WordPress staging environment. This always benefits you to test any changes to your website before getting it visible to your visitors.