Domain Registration

Take your first step towards entrepreneurship by creating your online identity. Own domain name and Email add credibility to your brand like [email protected]. Choosing our hosting ensures that your website never crashes and you get a host of free services. Choose the best hosting to create the best website.

Selecting a domain name is one of the most important decisions you make your company as this needs to represent your company’s values, its identity and the services or products that you offer. After you have made your decision you have to check whether that particular domain name is available for registration. You can check by typing in the desired website domain name in the search field given below.

All the famous extensions like as .com, .net, .org, .in etc are available at web hosting. After choosing the domain name and extension of your choice all you need to do is continue with a simple registration process. You have a choice to register your domain for 1 year up to 5 years. We specialize in domain registration and we are the leading website hosting server providers in the country.


Domain Names Price (in INR)

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
.com 499 499 499
.net 499 499 499
.org 449 449 449
.biz 499 499 499
.info 449 449 449
.us 399 395 395
.ca 729 725 725,,
.eu 499 495 495
.in 399 399 399,,,,, 399 399 399
.asia 699 695 695
.me 1249 1239 1239
.tv 1349 1339 1339
.de 599

.es 599 589 589 1999/599* 1989 1989
.co,, 799 789 789
.mobi (On Sale) 899/599* 889 889
.tel 699 695 695
.cc 999 989 989
.ws 699 689 689
.bz 1099 1089 1089
.mn 1999 1989 1989,, 949 939 939

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I seek a domain name from

It’s a piece of cake, where you can just simply enter the domain name you look for in the search box. If the domain name you entered has previously been registered by someone, then we’ll list any other alternatives which is available. If the domain is readily available, follow the page and complete the registration process.

Can I get help to find a domain?

Absolutely! HostingRaja’s domain name search tool can assist you by offering ideas and recommendations and other alternatives to any domain you look for.

Is there a deadline or limit on how my domain should be either short or long?

There is a limit for the domain length, with a minimum of 1 character, and to the maximum of 63 characters. Ideally, you require your domain name to accurately match your brand, whether it’s personal or business-oriented. We provide some guidelines for picking the best domain.